I am a bit confused about the fact that, ‘Where do the donations made in Holy places go?’ 

We all might have thought about it at least once but never gave it a deeper thought.

Does God need money? 

For furnishing his home? 

For decorating his backyard? 

Lighting a lamp where it is needed is better than where it is just an another decoration. 

What happens to all those grand donations & secret donations? 

No one has any kind of record for that because it is difficult to maintain. But, one can have a monthly record of visitors. Just check the security data & see the number of check-ins (through the security gate).

I am a planning engineer, not from a financial background but what if 

‘(Number of check-ins per month*5)= (Income tax to be paid by Holy places for that month)’ 

Which is roughly 30% of donations per month. 

This should be applicable in the places where the footfall is over 25000 per month, all over the country. 

Put that money to a better use, where a normal tax doesn’t help.  Let us say in orphanage, homeless peoples, BPL population & others like this.
I am just curious that whether it is possible or not.

The Burning Train 

A very famous movie from 1980, featuring a huge all star cast. The plot revolves around a train named Super Express that catches fire on its inaugural run from New Delhi to Mumbai.

“Randhir has planted a bomb in the engine of Super Express at the Mathura Railway station and disengaged the vacuum brakes so that even guard wouldn’t be able to stop the train. The bomb was timed to explode halfway through the journey. He hopes to sabotage the train and thereby destroy Vinod’s reputation without a scant thought to the lives of the passengers.”

Not exactly the same, but something like this happened recently. 

What if the Super Express is Tejas Express….

Think of Randhir as the people who boarded the Mumbai to Goa train & Government of the country as Vinod. 

Vandalizing, stealing, spoiling & who knows what more. 

Are we seriously like this? 


I know everyone is not perfect, a lacuna will always exist, but at least someone is trying to help & this is what they get. This time it’s completely our fault. It’s public property, it’s for our benefit & see what some confused people did to that. 

You don’t do this in your own house. Do you? 

Everyone represent their country, do you want you or your country to be remembered like this? Don’t make anyone think that we don’t deserve good. 

Dusre ke kaam pe sawal uthana aasan hai, 

Kabhi khud ki mehnat ko zalil hote dekha hai?


We belong to a society where, in one hand people have high end smart phones while stepping out of their premium model cars and in the other hand they have backward category certificates to get ‘privileges’.


Why the people who probably deserve it do not know about it while the people who already have ‘everything’ are craving for it. 

People even vandalize  public property to gain reservation, while the one who actually need it are working hard to feed their families without even knowing that there is this thing called RESERVATION.

This provision of RESERVATION is for those who are not able to afford their daily requirements, even after working rigorously. 
It is for the ones who, if provided with appropriate environment, could do great deeds for their family and nation. It’s same as crutches to handicap. But it is used by the people who don’t even want to start but wish for a good result anyway, even after having everything, they want more. 

I also belong to some category, but I don’t want its advantages as my family and I are capable enough & we believe that it should be used only by the needy, not by the greedy ones. 

I have one request to the Government of the country that please revise the guidelines of the RESERVATION system in favor of poor, not the rich & the corrupt.  Grade the people on the basis of earnings per month & then assign the rights & privileges to the group.

A Question (Part 2)

I am not doing that good but I would like to ask a question to all the alumni of IIT & IIM, who choose to do a job that everyone else is doing.
I expect you guys to lead our country, not to undertake ‘something normal’. By ‘something normal’ I mean not actually contributing to nation’s progress. I expect you to make technological advancements, bring in some new and genuine changes in the nation by introducing new thoughts in everyone’s mind, upgrading yourself in order to upgrade the country as well its people, changing perspectives, selfless contributions to the nation & more. 
You lead, and we follow. Take our nation to a great height. Your goal should have been clear. If not then don’t  waste a seat at least. Someone could have done justice with that seat. Someone might have needed it at that time. Someone could have been much better than you in there. Don’t be this selfish. 
I know someone who is a former IITan & teaching in a village currently. It’s great that you are passing on your knowledge to the younger & the unprivileged ones, starting from the grass root level but don’t you think you have done that without getting into an IIT, without wasting a seat. Compression ratio of petrol engine is 8 to 10 & it won’t change with the institute, it’s constant. You are doing great deeds but why did you shatter somebody’s dreams. 
And our society blindly assumes that if a person is an IIT or IIM pass out will surely make a great life partner, but are they using their extra ordinary talent for the good of the country??? 
It’s just an example. 
Socho toh bahut kuch hai.
I know I might be wrong, & am ready to change my perspective, but I don’t think it will happen anytime sooner. 
I have promised myself that I ll be the necessary change one day. Soon.

​Two sides of a coin: LUCK and EFFORT

 I have often heard people cursing their luck for not achieving what they desire. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not ready to accept that a little effort or at least a stand could have changed that forever. 

You could have changed that but you choose to be silent. You are lucky that with an effort you can change your destiny, but not everyone is like you. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, I usually end up broken. 
Don’t think that it is your destiny to suffer, what if it is asking you to take a stand and rest will be taken care of. Fight. 
Accept the undesired only when you are out of options not when you are out of luck. Before letting it go, ask yourself that why are you so powerless and try for the one last time. 
You are not always unlucky, sometimes you don’t want to go against the flow and sometimes your decision can affect something that doesn’t matter to you but someone is counting on you for that. 
Let your heart tell you what is right
Kadam toh badha mere dost 

Kya pata jannat wahin ho

Kohre ke aage dekh toh zara

Kya pata chahat wahin ho

Koshish toh kar ek dafa

Kya pata manzil wahin ho……… 

​The Confession: A Love Letter

I was upset, broken and nothing was going right in my life. Then I met an angel, I guess she is there to pull me out of my miseries. 
Ek ajnabi haseena se yu mulakat ho gyi… 
She is leaving the city and I just want her to know this without a response. 
I know I am not close to you as you are to me. I am an egocentric guy and everything for me is about pride, honor and respect but finally I have the guts to say this…. 
 The Best part with you was our rides for me, doesn’t matter we talk on the way or not, having you behind me was a feeling I can’t explain. We would have been the most perfect and gorgeous couple of the college if we had been together, I guess……
I am still down but you made me happy and I can’t thank you enough for that. 
I have written a poem for you. Love is a Drug. 

Have lots of my favorite chicken and cheese and I love your smile and can do whatever I can to retain it. 
Iss mohhabat ko pane ki zidd nahi hai
Bas uski khushi aur salamati ki dua karta hoon 
Nastik hun saheb                                        
Par uske liye har mandir, har masjid pe sajda karta hoon
I Love you my Last Resort. 
I don’t regret writing it but I don’t wana loose a friend like you. 
So sorry
‘After all this time’                                  

Love is a Drug 

One day after lunch me and Vikram were standing outside our mess, and his love Ms. Gorgeous  and my love and Last Resort were standing few meters apart from us. We were admiring both of them and then I started with a line followed by Vikram and again I gave the 3rd line and then Vikram again. 

We made a whole poem in order to adore them. 

Main dur raha teri yaadoon se 

Teri raaton se tere khwabon se 

Teri kitabon se tere wadon se

Tere ruthe hue jawabon se 

Tere gumnaam halaton se 

Teri ankahi baaton se 

Ye dum todte jazbaaton se 

Kahin mohhabat na ho jaye tujhse 

Isiliye toh dur raha 

Teri mehfil se tere sannaton se………

A Question 

In search of answers……….  

I may not be too old to write this but I am not too young for thinking it at least.
Think it as a question….. 
Anything which doesn’t  have an explanation or any kind of logical reasoning is termed as God. Religions and castes are made for human convenience by human beings themselves. 
Which we do not understand is God, when we mould something for the purpose of understanding is religion and for further  destruction human sub categorized the religion into castes.
If God exists then why the good ones suffer, why the deserving still don’t have anything, why the one who worked hard still have moist eyes, why the incomplete stories and why the pain. It’s a loop. 

I don’t want to disrespect the belief, I too go to holy places but I don’t believe the man made God, religions and castes. I believe in what I see. Tell me why the one who always helps everyone end up helpless and broken? 
Whatever we see in movies is fictitious, so do not trust it.