The Learning: Chapter 2

Moving on to Mahabharat (Dwapar Yug).
It is about Shree Krishna, the master of 64 skills.
Let me start with the story that is the epitome of Love, Radharani Ji & Shree Krishna. They never got married, but their name always appears together. He had to leave to prove that nothing is vital than the protection of Dharm. Radha Ji (one of the incarnations of Laxmi Ji) knew that Shree Krishna is a God & he has born for a noble purpose. Until there is love inside his heart, he can’t become one of the greatest war strategists’ as winning over Kans & Kurukshetra Yudh is very important in the establishment of Dharm in the universe.
The same situation happened when Arjun denied donning bow & arrow against Kauravs, that is when Shree Krishna gave him Gita Updesh.
Both Shree Krishna & Pandavs gave peace a chance. Shree Krishna shifted away from Jarasandh’s Mathura to Dwarika & Pandavas went into exile for 13 years.
Higher the price of peace one paid, the heavier the payback is.
Shree Krishna knew that it is too much to ask Kaurav’s to fight with honor & Pandavas’ side is already weak. So he had to let Abhimanyu die treacherously, (which also defines the nature of Kaurav’s or to be precise, the fighting style of Duryodhan). Abhimanyu’s death triggered Pandavas to kill Kauravs in whatever way it is possible.
Mahabharat is the result of insults & practicing nepotism, but the ultimate log in the pyre was Draupadi’s ‘Cheer Haran’. Everyone saw her getting devoured by Dushashan. No one dared to enunciate, not even her husband(s), not even the great Bhishma & Dharmaraaj Yudishthir, who put her on the bet.
When Bhishma Pitamah was in his deathbed & realized that Kurukshetra Yudh happened because of him, he gave two strong statements,
‘A society is defined by the respect it gives to a woman.
And nothing is greater than Dharm, neither any relationship nor any oath.’

According to Gita, “The person who sides with Adharm should be terminated, even if he/she is your blood relative. To protect Dharm, it is one’s duty to take action in whatsoever manner it is required.”

यदा यदा हि धर्मस्य ग्लानिर्भवति भारत।
अभ्युत्थानमधर्मस्य तदात्मानं सृजाम्यहम् ॥४-७॥
परित्राणाय साधूनां विनाशाय च दुष्कृताम् ।
धर्मसंस्थापनार्थाय सम्भवामि युगे युगे ॥४-८॥

मै प्रकट होता हूं, मैं आता हूं, जब जब धर्म की हानि होती है, तब तब मैं आता हूं, जब जब अधर्म बढता है तब तब मैं आता हूं, सज्जन लोगों की रक्षा के लिए मै आता हूं, दुष्टों के विनाश करने के लिए मैं आता हूं, धर्म की स्थापना के लिए में आता हूं और युग युग में जन्म लेता हूं।

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