The Learning: Chapter 1

I am highly obliged that I was able to watch the epic Ramayan & Mahabharat made in the ’90s.
Let’s start with Maryada Purshotam Shree Ram (Treta Yug).
He pursued the path of Dharm his whole life.
Shree Ram followed his father’s instructions, although it was asked by his stepmother Kaikeyi, to go in exile for 14 years. His wife Sita Ji & brother Laxman ji also left along.

He killed Baali, the King of monkeys, by hiding behind a tree. He justified his actions when asked by dying Baali himself.
He said “You have insulted, harmed & accused the Prince of wrong reasons & kept his wife for your pleasure, who is equal to your daughter-in-law. This nature of the behavior is termed as Adharm. Hence you are entitled to be punished in whatsoever manner it is possible. I am just delivering it as a servant of the Great King Bharat. I am following my Kshatriya Dharm.
If you wish I can offer you life & can fight you.”
To this, Baali refused & cried in remorse. Shree Ram replied, “In Dwapar Yug, I will be born as Shree Krishna & you, born as a hunter Jara, will kill me in the same manner.”

After the rigorous war between Shree Ram & Ravan, the latter was killed.
When it was time to bring back Sita Ji, he didn’t go there personally, as he was bound with the condition, that he is not supposed to enter any city during his exile.

Shree Ram didn’t ask Sita Ji to give ‘Agni Pariksha’ in Lanka for himself but as a part of his Dharm so that he can justify it to the people of Ayodhya.

When Sita Ji was wrapped around the accusation of citizens of Ayodhya,
Shree Ram, along with Sita Ji, decided to leave the kingdom & the position of King, to go & live a peaceful life in a forest. But, Sita Ji reminds him of his pledges to the nation when he was given the throne. One of which was,
“A King is never equivalent to a common man, he & his life belongs to his people. He does not have the pleasure to enjoy his personal life. Every decision he makes should be in favor of his people & his kingdom (since the matter became the talk of the town, & many people are justifying their evil deeds by giving Sita Ji’s example.).” So, Sita Ji left alone.

Shree Ram also asked Kush & Luv for the proof as per the part of the protocol only, he knew that they were his sons. Then again the ‘Ayodhya wasi’ asked Sita Ji for the ‘Agni Pariksha’. She was done proving her purity, so as the last resort, she sacrificed herself.

Shree Ram’s beloved wife became the victim of the citizen whom he attended throughout his life, she fell prey to the subjects for whom Shree Ram left Sita Ji, while she was pregnant. This Adharma wouldn’t have happened if even a single person was the true follower of Shree Ram.

Shree Ram was very happy with Laxman Ji’s devotion & services towards him that he said “In Dwapar Yug, you will be born as my elder brother Balram, & I will offer you my services & love.”

There are too many examples of sacrifices & love in this epic. Every single one of them carries huge learning (I can’t cover them all in this small article).

Ramayan taught us the true meaning of Dharma, duty as a King, Dedication, Sacrifice etc.
I have 2 simple questions.
Today, people call themselves, ‘followers of Shree Ram’, did their actions define it?
Did any of our politicians even aware of their duties?

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

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