LEFT is Right

It’s been 3 days that his son is on the ventilator because of that accident. Even the doctors are not sure about his condition.
You might be thinking that he has been in a catastrophic one; no he wasn’t.
It was around 2100 hrs, heavy rain & this guy was riding his bike where there are no streetlights. He fell in a pothole of approximately 3ft. across the road & more than 5 inches deep in a 15ft. wide Highway. It (pothole) has been there from the last couple of weeks, filled with water & mud, completely invisible for human eyes at night.
Whose fault is this?
Many deaths have been reported because of the ‘killer pots’.

I am a big fan of Traffic rules. On average, people use roads more than mobile phones. The first place to show the real meaning of coherence & discipline in the outside world. The most basic thing which requires a great sense of responsibility. But in our country, traffic sense is the most flawed thing after common sense. You know, in India, more than 1,50,000 people are killed each year in traffic accidents.

Recently GOI has revised/increased the penalty amount if you break the rules. You are supposed to carry all the papers; Man! so much for Digital India. Indirectly, GOI has increased the ‘under the table amount’ for traffic personnel (some are honest though). Concentrate on safety protocols first.
I have few concerns with the GOI, like who is responsible for, stray animals on the road, less or no parking space in the city, broken signs, zero traffic monitoring on crowded roads, lack of awareness regarding basic traffic rules in the users.
Anyways, it is a good step if you have ACTUAL ROADS, instead of potholes. If you are lucky you might find little ‘road’ in potholes.
Why do not GOI focuses on using plastic to make roads?
Yes, it is happening in our own country. Engineers are using a ratio of 1:9 (Plastic: Bitumen) to make roads. It is a successful experiment as far as I know. Roads are long-lasting.
It is like killing two threats with one bullet. Less road damage, along with a place for disposing of plastic waste. I know that bitumen & water do not go together & the roads get damaged in monsoon but, zero maintenance & improper drainage adds to the profit in the name of maintenance & repair.

On the other hand, the common man comes up with innovative techniques to convert the distance into displacement, doesn’t matter they reach the destination though.
Most of the people know how to drive, ‘physically’ but do not care about rules. They come up with their own set of rules. I do not mind not wearing helmets & seatbelts, but the infuriating things are sudden halt, inappropriate parking, slow-moving vehicles in the fast lane, inability to switch between high beam & low beam, use of HID’s (high-intensity display or white light), DRIVING ON THE WRONG SIDE OF THE ROAD, no use of indicators, performing stunts, glorifying number plates with one-liners instead of registration number, stopping the vehicle in the middle of the road & talking, standing on both the sides (left & right) when the railway gate is closed & I can go on forever.
If people in this country can’t even put a logic here, then do not expect India to grow, ever.
I know one thing for sure that I follow more traffic rules than my city knows altogether; even more than the traffic personnel themselves.
Be safe, look on at least four sides before crossing the road.

सड़क सड़क न हुई ज़िन्दगी हो गई है
हर दो कदम पे गड्ढा है

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