Are You Worthy to Lead?

The Media & Entertainment Industry
Respected Sir/Madam,
As far as my comprehension prevails, ‘the media and entertainment industry in India consists of many different segments under its folds such as Television, Print, Films, Radio & few more. The entertainment industry in India has displayed an explosive growth in the last two decades making it one of the fastest-growing industries in India. Television is one of the major mass media of India and is a huge industry and has thousands of programs in all the states of India. Today India claims of being the second-largest television market in the world. The small screen has produced numerous celebrities of their own kind some even attaining national fame. TV soaps are extremely popular with housewives as well as working women. Approximately half of all Indian households own a television.’
I guess I say that is one of the most impressive growth graphs I have seen so far.
So, ‘WHAT IS WRONG’ than?
Let me ask you one by one.
1. Films-
Nowadays good Bollywood movies are rare. We have one of the finest artists in the industry who can really ‘act’. But for some reason, people do not like coherent movies (I prefer logic most of the times). According to me, Bollywood comedy is good (not all) & there are a few movies which I have watched more than twice, willingly. Poor scripts, lack of vision, money-making moves, & no one really cares that what was the whole point of the movie, at least provide some sense in the writing.
Good body & a heavy make up is all it takes to be an actor it seems. There are few apps in the market which are making people ‘famous’, even more than a talented one, actually, it is ‘sharing’ or ‘promoting’ what is making them so-called celebrities.

2. Daily Soaps-
Name a good Hindi TV series in the recent past.
I won’t be commenting on mythological series as I haven’t watched one. Personally, I like the historical series, as we should know the history of one’s country. A little drama is ok.
Most of the Indian daily soaps are promoting superstition & ‘hard’ domestic politics (a healthy politics is not bad).
I tried to watch few of the daily soaps, but can’t get past more than 5 episodes. Damn, that was painful to watch. Almost every serial has a ‘saas-bahu’ fight, weekly.
The characters in the serial are so mean, that I can’t stand them. In reality, people are not like that, but you guys are giving them ‘ideas’.
You know how to ruin somebody, Bravo.

3. Indian News Channels-
One of the ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’. Currently, they are biased & prompting hatred amongst people, religion, caste, society & what not.
They will show anything for money. Political parties have there pet NEWS channels nowadays. We have done so much progress that I can see dogs & cats cutely playing with a balloon in prime time. They also give a trailer of daily soaps upcoming week’s story, & have a discussion over it. You can get to know your favorite star’s personal lifestyle, along with whom his/her child is dating, with an elaborated description. A star kid’s acne on left cheek is getting more coverage than somebody’s achievement for his/her country. The worst part is the behavior of guests on national television on a debate or discussion in the live show. Basically, it is same as in the parliament (anyways, this story is for some other day). These channels are doing this for TRP & money.
Few channels are like, ‘We are better than Pakistan’.
Oh, that is so much for constructive comparison. You guys possess a rare decisive skill. Thanks for pointing it out man. This nation owes you a great deal. Newscasters continuous use of unethical words against a nation or community is common. Is it how you suppose to conduct?
The court is past, NEWS channels are the new justice system. Just like the Indian Government, NEWS channels have been SOLD.
A small example
I was watching the prime time news & they are discussing ‘Kohli ne Rohit ka test match mein patta kata, Rahane/Vihaari ko di jagah’.
Seriously, don’t you know the concept of ODI & TEST player & the position of the batsman? We have many batsmen that are better than Rohit in TEST. So, I leave it up to you.

There are some delusional minds, who went too far from backing up a faulty idea to supporting a wrong ideology. And our future generations will pay for it.
Is this why we are still a ‘developing country?’

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