You know what, I wanted to join the defense services of our country (around 15 years back), Indian Army to be precise. I guess it was the show on television & of course Sunny paaji in Border, which directed me towards the chimera (at least in my case). I used to wait for Republic Day & Independence day. I was in the Scout & Guide programme, which I liked a lot as I love uniforms. It was not only about how it looks Outside, but it was more of what I feel about serving the nation from the Inside. I did not realize when things changed & I became a Techno-Manager.
A professional sportsman & Lawyer were also in the list, but nothing compared to the Defense.
I appreciate the voices & statements which matters (cause I am just a noise in the crowd). I believe that behind every public statement, there is a thought process in the rhetorician’s mind which includes contradictions, acceptability, & above all rationality. It takes a lot of thinking to get there & admired. I envy that. But some people use negative comments (in my perspective) to get attention, SOME POPULAR PEOPLE TOO. Yes, those anti-national comments.
jis thali mein khaya, ussi mein chhed.
This country has given us a lot, now you disrespect it. You are lucky that you go to bed thinking that you will not die at least of any attack. You are safe & don’t keep arms & ammunitions beside you every time. Do not exploit liberality, & do not provide ‘excess’ information.
Thanks to Indian Defense & Intelligence Services.
Instead of criticizing them, you should appreciate them. If you can’t say a good thing, then keep your gap duct taped.
If I am to suggest something, I will say that if we came across any of these comments just unfollow that person, report abuse or something (which will automatically delete that account, I guess) & more importantly just do not circulate the post, because that is what those attention obsessed people wants. ‘Aakhir badnaami mein bhi naam hai.’
You are FAMOUS, I am not asking you to mourn over the tragedy, but have some decency, you can post your HAPPY LIFE later on the social media.
The most important thing, you can not blame an entire community or state for the mishap. It is a group of lost souls lead by a deranged mind. These weak minded people need treatment. They are already brainwashed, so imprisonment cannot work for sure. Terrorists are unreasonable persons, so Surgical Strikes are the best remedy it seems.
One more thing I noticed, that the youth of the neighboring country is sharing the pictures & their joy over the recent Pulwama attack on social media. Some of them are even celebrating.
What does that suppose to mean?
On the contrary, the Government is in complete denial.
And after we took our revenge, instead of criticizing & planning to retaliate on us, why are you not happy that we are ending terrorism, even in your area (as you said), & assist us if you are not sheltering the terrorist. Or at least sit quietly & let our forces do their jobs.
You want to talk peace with us, how about we work together & end terrorism, which is ruining our brave men & your name (if it concerns you). Or the fight will go on till you provide home for this filth & play your double game.

There is a reason why the whole world is supporting us. It is evident from your reaction after our brave men terminated the terror camps. We are eliminating terrorists, not your army. GROW UP.

War is the last thing that a Soldier wants because he knows what it costs but, everybody else wants a ‘TOPIC’ to discuss. Remember, it is the armed forces who fight there, not some local party or common man. (Do not confuse surgical strikes with War).
If firearms are necessary, Defence & Intelligence will know. Fighting is not a solution, the same goes with Peace. Sometimes you attack, & sometimes you retreat. One should know which one to choose. I am a very peaceful person, but now if they retaliate, I am in favor.
Agar smjhane se samajhte log toh MAHABHARAT na hoti.
It is time to clean the house.
Indian Army is taking care of the Intruders, Air force is clearing the Surroundings & I hope the Navy will purify the Waters if required. They are doing their part for the nation, we should too kill the corruption so that we do not have to face these kinds of situation ever again.

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