Frontal Cortex

The frontal cortex is a part of the brain located at the front of the frontal lobe. It is implicated in a variety of complex behaviors, including planning, and greatly contributes to personality development.
This is not about the Good ones or the Bad ones, it is about the frozen ones.
1757 to 1947, was the darkest era of our history. The system of governance was instituted in 1858.
Do you know why it happened?
Do you know we are still trapped inside our minds?
Are we Independent yet?
Approximately 1,00,000 armed people (who don’t have an unlimited armor cheat code) scared a crowd of 30,00,00,000. Intruders got the in-house support too. Except for a few, no one even thought that if we stand together, we can eliminate the threat.
Youngsters are the power of any community, they usually dominate it. If they are afraid, the community is threatened, if they do something bad the community is cursed and if they achieve great lengths, the community is appreciable. Whatever happened from 1757 to 1947 is happening now. This time the insane youth of this country is supporting the system.
Approximately 2/3 of the young generation of this country is corrupted. They are not aware of the course of action & their consequences. They do whatever it seems OK to them. They are not even aware of the simple traffic rules, what else do you expect from them. I am not going to disgrace the term ‘Animal’ by calling them one. They need a ‘treatment’.
There are only 1/5 of the young generation who are bringing proud to this country, rest are either immoral or terrified.
‘India’s towns and cities were swept by rioting between Muslims and Hindus on 6 December 1992, after militant Hindus destroyed a 16th-century mosque in the northern town of Ayodhya’. An article from a newspaper.
(I do not wish to see this news ever in future)
I wanted to ask the ‘fighters’ whether they have read Gita/Kuran?
Can you even recite a phrase from it?
The answer is simply “NO”.
When we will understand that the system is exploiting us. ‘Divide & rule’.
If the place is so controversial then why do you even want to build a Temple/Mosque there? Why can’t you build an orphanage instead, or anything useful for the society?
A wise saint will never fight over this issue. He will say that nothing is bigger than sacrifice, as mentioned in the holy books.
One can’t find a statement even close to this, ‘demolish and shed the blood for the construction of holy place’.
India is still a poor country. Why the hell we are spending & fighting for unavailing things. Renaming the cities, statues/idols, worthless policies, and so on. Mob on the streets doesn’t even know what they are fighting for.
Use your so called enormous FRONTAL CORTEX.

One of my closest friends assisted me with this statement.
“I think its high time people should start treating others as people/ humans and not a Hindu or a Muslim or for that matter any Religious entity. Having faith in religion is never wrong but using that faith to drive sentiments, that might cause harm to humanity, is a crime in my eyes. Our freedom is more than 70 years old but we never learned to change ourselves with time or I should say change our thoughts. In the name of religious sentiments, I think we are taking it too far and it will be our coming generations who will have to pay the real price of our foolishness. The basic idea is Humanity should be given the utmost superiority and nothing else. I have not seen God coming down and helping a needy person but I have seen other person doing it. So let’s keep our faiths in our Gods but more than that let us not forget the basics of HUMANITY!

We are not going to suffer for your incompetence of taking actions & judgments. Is it our mistake that we have trusted & elected the dysfunctional? Are we that weak?
‘Desh aur Dharam alag karke unke naam par logo ko ladana band karo’.
I will pay my debts, you decide about yours.

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