The Backpackers

Have you ever packed a bag with ‘essentials’ & went on a journey?
Have you ever thought that life is exactly like ‘trekking’ in the mountains? (I am considering trekking in the mountains in this one)

You start your journey ‘fresh’ & excited to the fullest. Sometimes you are accompanied by a guide, & sometimes you are just with a pack of coevals.
As the trekking starts, you are at your maximum energy, which reduces with every step. As you move forward, you get a unique hurdle every time. When you arrive at a checkpoint, everyone has a different role to play; some built tents, some prepare fire, a few cuts vegetable & a few prepares food & others make

a fence to protect their region. One way or the other you indulge in the activities for yours & others survival & comfort. It happens that you may fall & get yourself & fellow trekkers injured & vice-versa. It is considered as a part of progressing. The group you start with irrespective of known/unknown gets smaller, only who can match your speed stays with you. Your legs started to feel heavy because of the elevation, causing you to slow down. Slowly your own backpack becomes heavier to you, the longer you hold, the heavier it becomes. This is the reason we planned to share the content of our backpack. A companion is must for long journeys to celebrate when we are on top & help us out when we get knocked down. Once you are on the top, you get to be the guide, on your way down.

Isn’t it the same?

Our life is exactly like trekking in the mountains. We start with a bag full of energy & zero experience. We have to take every step carefully. There are people to guide us from their experiences & there are some to let us down. To survive we have to overcome our fears & obstacles. It happens that sometimes we fail, but it is all about getting up & fighting back. We can’t keep everyone happy at the same time. We became lovers or best friends & just in another moment we are strangers. The pack gets smaller & smaller. After a particular age, a companion is required to share the burden of responsibilities. Assistance is must for long routes. Once you reached the point, where you can see everyone, it is your responsibility to share your experience.

Our destinations are same & everyone’s going to make it eventually. Only the paths are different. Going back is not an option, you have to move forward, either you run or you crawl. Everybody has their own journey, they can assist you but they can not do it for you. It is brighter on the other side.
The choice is always ours.

Thank you Kaustav Sen for the pictures.

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