The Perspective

Once my friends asked me whom I idolized the most.
‘I do have a few of them’, I replied.
‘Like’? asked a friend.
My answer makes them laugh out loud, but the explanation made them intrigued.

Guess what I replied?

I said I envy Superheros, Anti-Heros & their teams (some time villains too).
They laughed like anything until I explained it.

I continued,
‘Batman & Green Arrow- Master Planners
Sherlock Holmes & Michael Scofield- King of Deductions & Observations
Dexter & Punisher- ENDS criminals, as their last resort
Dr. Sheldon Cooper & Iron man- Genius, know it all
Thor- Might/Honor
Black Widow- Brave
Captain America- Discipline/Righteous
Wonder woman- Respect/Honor
Superman- Hope
Joker- Passion
Black Panther- Man of Tradition & Culture
Green Lantern- Will Power
Hulk- Channels his rage
Deadshot & Deathstroke- Focus & Commitment
Justice League & Avengers- A group of people, with an unusual upbringing & a different attitude towards a project/problem, working together.’

I am not talking about the stories, I like the character, the personality.
They are fictional, but whatever happens, they always adhere to their essence, which is the best part.
They taught me how to operate & not to give up in any situation. They think that this world is not beyond redemption, it can still be saved from the abomination.
At least they are way better than daily soaps, which teaches you filth. I agree that politics is required but a healthy one, not what they are feeding us nowadays.
This is how I see. I choose them because I can easily get my hands on them.
It is up to us, we can learn from our surroundings. It is how you perceive.

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