Aisa Desh Hai Mera

I was proud to be an Indian when I came to know about the sacrifices our countrymen have made so that the future of this country could breathe in the fresh air. I was proud of its diverse culture & secular nature. I am still proud of the past of my nation.
Sone ki chidia tha mera desh.

And now what?
I am ashamed that I live amongst those vermin. These noxious beings have ruined my country & made it the ‘Rape Capital of the World’. You devour her honor for your lechery. After all that, they are roaming free. Not afraid of anyone.

You might remember this dialogue.
“Par humari bhi majburi hai naa, hume ghar chalana hota hai sahab, isliye hum sarkar chunte hai ki wo mulk chalaye Aap log, sarkar , police force, intelligence saksham hai is tarah ke pest control ke liye , lekin aap log kar nahi rahe hai, sirf shah diye jaa rahe hai. Why are you not nipping them in the bud? Ek aadmi gunahgar hai yaa nahi isko saabit karne mai aapko das saal lag jaate hai, aapko ye nahi lagta hai ki ye aapki kabliyat par saawal hai, ye saara natak band hona chahiye, this whole bloody system is fraud.”

What else does this nation’s government want? What good are the bureaucrats for this nation? Why there is no death penalty for rape? What is with them who are supporting the criminals & their atrocities? If you can’t provide justice, then what are you even doing there, supporting the caste system for your seat? I guess your eyes won’t open until your loved one suffers. I guess you can listen to only the screams of your beloved. Stop making it a religious or political issue. It is a national concern. People fought for the pride of a lady who belongs to the 14th century, what about the 21st then? You came out on valentine’s day to teach culture, now what? You throw stones at a school bus, vandalize public properties to become backward. Just because of you we cannot be a developed country. You sick perpetrators.

We are standing in a situation which states that ’Your daughter, your responsibility.’

I am an atheist but still I ask you, dear God, can’t you see what is happening here? You are mute again, like last time, same as the time before that. These culprits deserve a heinous death. The human doesn’t possess the power to do justice, do you?

For now, I don’t even want my kids to be born in this toxic environment.
Kamzor hoon aaj, majboor nahi, kal mera samay zarror aaega……….

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