Exploring Minds

Once again immense thanks to Gaurav Tripathi for allowing me to use his beautiful work.
Do you know that 36% employees in NASA, 34% employees in Microsoft, 27% employees in Intel, 28% employees in IBM, 38% Doctors & 37% Scientists in US are INDIANS?
We have Sachin Tendulkar (Cricketer), Ambani brothers (Owner, Reliance Group), Sunder Pichai (CEO, Google), Satya Nadela (CEO, Microsoft), Bansal brothers (Founders, Flipkart), Bhavish Agrawal (Founder, Ola), Amitabh Bachchan (Actor) & the list goes on with the examples (who are still alive).
We Indians possess such a talent that no one in the world does. We are the gifted human beings. This world values our existence, but we still do not know our worth. Our civilization is one of the oldest civilizations known to mankind. Our holy books give us all the knowledge one needs to go ahead. Our rituals & cultures carry a scientific reasoning which we have lost during our transformation. Our ancestors have even made a bridge over the sea (as per the research suggests), also we have been hearing about ‘magical’ infrastructures since childhood. Details of recent day discoveries are already present in our ancient manuscripts. What more proof do we need.
People are afraid of farsightedness. They use their ‘talent’ for trivial things. You name it & we have it. They indulge in corruption (I think successful scams requires a great deal of human intelligence), tricks (being street smart has its own charm), extortions (exploiting once weakness), hacking, fraud etc.
Use your powers for good. Amalgamation of hard work, talent, motivation & ethics is what I am talking about.
It is a common practice in our country that if a person has any kind of talent, we overthrow his expertise with the work load.
My own family & friends are great examples. Someone is a photographer or a writer or a poet. Some paints, some are musicians, some are dancers, some plays like professionals, some are so technically sound that I think that great minds should listen to them & yes I can literally spend a whole day praising them. They all try to balance what society wants & what they want. Ever one of them is bound to responsibilities. If they would have given a chance to focus what they really want, then they will surely conquer the world one day. There are only handful of examples in other countries but here, everyone is unprecedented.
Some brains still go unrecognized or one can say that they didn’t get a chance to thrive. Those minds were killed under responsibilities or financial crisis or ‘the Society’. They need help. We cannot afford more to lose those unexplored & uncharted minds.
RBI says that our external debts as of March 2016 are $485. 6 billion. The literacy rate of our country is 74.04%. Approximately $3 trillion have been plundered from us in the past. But we still stand strong.
I guess I have left you few doors open. We can become the most advanced country in this universe. Our ancestors have done it, why can’t we? What is stopping us? Is it our mistake or are we paying for somebody else?
Trust me, we can make this country proud.

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