Woman-The Enigma

Enormous thanks to one of my best friends Gaurav Tripathi to lend me his painting for this piece.
‘Woman & Home’ was published in 1922 by Shri Rabindranath Tagore.
The statement I liked the most is in the context of how we (Indians) see a woman, “True womanliness is regarded in our country as the saintliness of love. It is not merely praised there, but literally worshipped; and she who is gifted with it is called Devi, as one revealing in herself Woman, the Divine. That this has not been a mere metaphor to us is because, in India, our mind is familiar with the idea of God in an eternal feminine aspect.”
Apart from Indian religions, I think that there are very few other civilizations that have a female deity.
He rightly pointed out ‘Our mind is familiar’. Sati, who brought back the life of her husband from the God of Death & Sita who sat on the lap of fire, as asked, just to prove her purity. Yes, we are familiar with everything, she is a sunny day of cold winter. She has many names,
A Mother, who is the most powerful being in the multiverse,
A Sister, one of the most caring person,
A Wife, ultimate partner,
A daughter, one’s pride,
A friend, a bit of everything mentioned above.
We are familiar with that too. You are 100% at what you do, you are the emotion center of the family & a man is the power center of the family. Both have to balance the centers in order to lead a fruitful life.
After all that we have learned & the methodologies related to woman, some still go against that & commit gruesome crimes & disgrace the sacredness of her. A friend of mine told me about few incidents regarding the misconduct & the harassments they face on daily basis.
What lead you towards that? What was the reason behind your inappropriate conduct? Is it an episode of your psychotic behavior? Haven’t you raised properly or something went wrong in the process? What made you do that heinous deed?
You blame her attire & inebriation, then what is your excuse for her tender age? Each syllable that comes out from your unworthy mouth could be a representation of your upbringing or is it a result of your surroundings? Why you have to disrespect anybody?
Why our system is unable to decide what to do with these type of ill-minded beings? Why are we waiting for more candle marches?
This society definitely need a reboot….

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