I UNDERSTAND, I’ve been There… 

When I say this, it means that I have encountered the specific situation that you are referring & somehow I managed to struggle through it & came out or I am still finding a way.

I know, I can’t be you & you can’t be me.

Everybody operates at a different frequency. What you have gone through easily would have torn me apart.
For example- I consider myself physically strong, I can endure pain more than an above average person, but sometimes even somebody else’s problem can break me, doesn’t matter I know them or not. 
Every problem requires certain components to resolve it, along with the specific range of every component. 
A different set of combinations of the components suggests the different type of solutions, sometimes you need to adjust your frequency in order to fit in the solution, but remember every problem has a solution. Just need an eye to see it. 
I guess I was not lucky as many of you, in certain ways, I got the importance of options and clousers. When I say I understand, it means I know what you are talking about & I have chosen a certain path to resolve it, which may or may not help you but you can consider it too. We are diverse but I can get in your shoes & know how you feel. The thing that I don’t know is the impact on your mind, which varies. 
I am that kind of person who gets attracted to broken souls. I always want to fix things. I even initiate to fix things. It’s none of my business but still, I do it, I don’t know why. I will provide you with my example not just my opinion. You can count on me.
We all have different perspectives but remember that there is always a way to solve a problem, may be hard but it does exist. Give it a chance, I did. Learn from your past, don’t stuck there, & implement the learnings in future.  Nothing is beyond repair.

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