Finally a weekend away from the daily circus.

Do not know what occurred, we 5 geared up & left for the Diveagar Beach.

Everyone was frustrated & tired of people with unethical conduct. We want to live for a while. We have been planning this trip from the past few weeks. Finally, we executed it.

After 5 hours of driving, we reached there.

The beach was not exactly jammed, but a good amount of strength.

One can see varieties of age.

I guess I know what were they thinking.

Toddlers, enjoying the sea as if there is no tomorrow.

Teenagers, excited towards their future & envying the adults.

Mid 20’s, feed up with the drama, was hoping to become a child once again.

The Grey hairs are thinking about their happy moments while they stood there gazing the sea in silence.

And then there is me, doing what I do daily in my life, confronting the waves as I don’t trust much in the concept of going with the flow. I was going for the ‘high tides’ thinking that they can’t shake me, & yes they can’t.

Then comes a quite one & I was under the impression that even the high waves were ineffective on me, this too shall pass. But no, it thumped strategically & next thing I know that I was washed towards the shore, all drenched.

When I saw the sea, it was like the waves are making fun of me.
Now the choice is mine, whether to stay on the shore, safe & watch them laugh at me or go back armed & challenge them once again.

Thanks for the trip guys.

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