It’s not all coffee, it’s kind of coffee in the theater.

Now the most important part is Don’t EXPECT.

I do have a lot of expectations with people. I think that if I can, then for sure anyone else can too.

“Do you owe them, or do they owe you?”

“No.” I replied.

”Expecting is like hurting yourself knowingly.”

I guess that makes sense.

All you crave is happiness. Own happiness. That’s the sole reason why one should not expect.

Don’t try to be a hero. You are not liable for everybody’s smile. Light the candle without burning yourself.

Leave the past in the past. Welcome the future with a smile.
She told me a poem after the movie.

Speaking my mind out

By-Vikram Syal

I had to write,

To speak my mind out.

Inside a soothing face,

There was a screaming shout.

The noise was made by dying thoughts,

Now I can hear them, the killing shots.

These thoughts would never rise from the grave again,

Tell me one thing! If you’re not happy,

What is the point of being sane?

During our life, we think of so many desires,

What do we do, if one by one, all our desires, expires!

Let’s get out of this saneness fast,

Or you’ll dry out of this world just like a forgotten movie cast.

Live up to your passion, keep them dreams alive,

Don’t let them fade away, don’t make them part of an archive.

The chances of achieving of your dreams are bleak,

But be like teak, don’t care about world, it is happiness! What you seek.

I need to cherish, the moments I’m living,

Let’s meet with new people, make new memories and celebrate an early thanksgiving.


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