70 years ago we struggled to get back what was righteously ours. We are still coping. 

Before leaving ‘the others’ followed an artifice, DIVIDE, AND RULE (I know they did it throughout their span, but I am talking especially about just before they left). They saw us as a potential threat who not only could invade but also can bring down the apocalypse so, for their own protection, they divided us into nations, religions, castes & who knows what more. To eliminate the threat they taught us to use money as a powerful weapon & ‘the Chair’ as a powerful position to make people puppets. 

They made sure that we couldn’t find a way to mend ourselves. It seems that it worked. The wounds are still fresh. It’s time to see beyond. We belong to one of the most intelligent & powerful nations in the world, every nation knows that. ‘The others’ saw that we have what is required to make every other nation believe in our mantle. 
Agar hum zid pe aa jaye na, toh zalzala la dein. 
But only if we keep our past & differences aside and work together as one. The people and the Government should complement each other, just like tea & sugar in milk. I believe that we can do it by fighting together to make sure to be called ‘Sone ki Chidia’, again. 

I am the one who believes in Bhagat Singhji’s ideology, ” Behron ko sunane ke liye dhamake ki zaroorat hoti hai.”
Inqalab Zindabaad

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