The Bewilderment: Happiness or Society

‘Society’ has ruined more dreams than Alcohol.

A few decades back people ‘also’ used to celebrate the success of their neighbors & known associates. That happiness comes from the depth of their heart. They supported each other in need. This ‘tradition’ is still in action in some places.

Apart from that

Now, people are jealous of the success of even their relatives. Inter-caste marriage, love marriage, start-ups, relations with lower caste, friends group having both genders & few career choices like painter, photographer, musician, writer, sportsman etc are considered as a crime in our ‘society’.
Who are you to judge?
It’s my choice, I convinced my parents & they are OK with that. So, I do not need to give an explanation to anyone.

You celebrate my loss & mourn when I succeed. Who gave you the right to banish my family from your so called ‘society’ on the decision which brings happiness to us without any wrong doing.

If you think like this then I am banishing your ‘society’ for screwing my happiness.

This kind of ‘society’ deprives us of living a satisfactory life.

What would you choose?

Happiness or Society?

I have started taking decisions based on my happiness & those who care for me.
Pata hai aakhri mein ‘Chaar log kya kahenge’ 


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