I am a bit confused about the fact that, ‘Where do the donations made in Holy places go?’ 

We all might have thought about it at least once but never gave it a deeper thought.

Does God need money? 

For furnishing his home? 

For decorating his backyard? 

Lighting a lamp where it is needed is better than where it is just an another decoration. 

What happens to all those grand donations & secret donations? 

No one has any kind of record for that because it is difficult to maintain. But, one can have a monthly record of visitors. Just check the security data & see the number of check-ins (through the security gate).

I am a planning engineer, not from a financial background but what if 

‘(Number of check-ins per month*5)= (Income tax to be paid by Holy places for that month)’ 

Which is roughly 30% of donations per month. 

This should be applicable in the places where the footfall is over 25000 per month, all over the country. 

Put that money to a better use, where a normal tax doesn’t help.  Let us say in orphanage, homeless peoples, BPL population & others like this.
I am just curious that whether it is possible or not.

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