The Burning Train 

A very famous movie from 1980, featuring a huge all star cast. The plot revolves around a train named Super Express that catches fire on its inaugural run from New Delhi to Mumbai.

“Randhir has planted a bomb in the engine of Super Express at the Mathura Railway station and disengaged the vacuum brakes so that even guard wouldn’t be able to stop the train. The bomb was timed to explode halfway through the journey. He hopes to sabotage the train and thereby destroy Vinod’s reputation without a scant thought to the lives of the passengers.”

Not exactly the same, but something like this happened recently. 

What if the Super Express is Tejas Express….

Think of Randhir as the people who boarded the Mumbai to Goa train & Government of the country as Vinod. 

Vandalizing, stealing, spoiling & who knows what more. 

Are we seriously like this? 


I know everyone is not perfect, a lacuna will always exist, but at least someone is trying to help & this is what they get. This time it’s completely our fault. It’s public property, it’s for our benefit & see what some confused people did to that. 

You don’t do this in your own house. Do you? 

Everyone represent their country, do you want you or your country to be remembered like this? Don’t make anyone think that we don’t deserve good. 

Dusre ke kaam pe sawal uthana aasan hai, 

Kabhi khud ki mehnat ko zalil hote dekha hai?

5 thoughts on “The Burning Train 

  1. Very true…
    There’s one subject that is not taught anywhere and the parents of today “do not have the time” to teach their kids, CIVIC SENSE.
    Without this no leader can bring a change.

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