We belong to a society where, in one hand people have high end smart phones while stepping out of their premium model cars and in the other hand they have backward category certificates to get ‘privileges’.


Why the people who probably deserve it do not know about it while the people who already have ‘everything’ are craving for it. 

People even vandalize  public property to gain reservation, while the one who actually need it are working hard to feed their families without even knowing that there is this thing called RESERVATION.

This provision of RESERVATION is for those who are not able to afford their daily requirements, even after working rigorously. 
It is for the ones who, if provided with appropriate environment, could do great deeds for their family and nation. It’s same as crutches to handicap. But it is used by the people who don’t even want to start but wish for a good result anyway, even after having everything, they want more. 

I also belong to some category, but I don’t want its advantages as my family and I are capable enough & we believe that it should be used only by the needy, not by the greedy ones. 

I have one request to the Government of the country that please revise the guidelines of the RESERVATION system in favor of poor, not the rich & the corrupt.  Grade the people on the basis of earnings per month & then assign the rights & privileges to the group.

4 thoughts on “FORTUNATE  to be UNFORTUNATE 

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