A Question (Part 2)

I am not doing that good but I would like to ask a question to all the alumni of IIT & IIM, who choose to do a job that everyone else is doing.
I expect you guys to lead our country, not to undertake ‘something normal’. By ‘something normal’ I mean not actually contributing to nation’s progress. I expect you to make technological advancements, bring in some new and genuine changes in the nation by introducing new thoughts in everyone’s mind, upgrading yourself in order to upgrade the country as well its people, changing perspectives, selfless contributions to the nation & more. 
You lead, and we follow. Take our nation to a great height. Your goal should have been clear. If not then don’t  waste a seat at least. Someone could have done justice with that seat. Someone might have needed it at that time. Someone could have been much better than you in there. Don’t be this selfish. 
I know someone who is a former IITian & teaching in a village currently. It’s great that you are passing on your knowledge to the younger & the unprivileged ones, starting from the grass root level but don’t you think you have done that without getting into an IIT, without wasting a seat. Compression ratio of petrol engine is 8 to 10 & it won’t change with the institute, it’s constant. You are doing great deeds but why did you shatter somebody’s dreams. 
And our society blindly assumes that if a person is an IIT or IIM pass out will surely make a great life partner, but are they using their extra ordinary talent for the good of the country??? 
It’s just an example. 
Socho toh bahut kuch hai.
I know I might be wrong, & am ready to change my perspective, but I don’t think it will happen anytime sooner. 
I have promised myself that I ll be the necessary change one day. Soon.



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