Two sides of a coin: LUCK and EFFORT

 I have often heard people cursing their luck for not achieving what they desire. Sometimes they are right and sometimes they are not ready to accept that a little effort or at least a stand could have changed that forever. 

You could have changed that but you choose to be silent. You are lucky that with an effort you can change your destiny, but not everyone is like you. Doesn’t matter how hard I try, I usually end up broken. 
Don’t think that it is your destiny to suffer, what if it is asking you to take a stand and rest will be taken care of. Fight. 
Accept the undesired only when you are out of options not when you are out of luck. Before letting it go, ask yourself that why are you so powerless and try for the one last time. 
You are not always unlucky, sometimes you don’t want to go against the flow and sometimes your decision can affect something that doesn’t matter to you but someone is counting on you for that. 
Let your heart tell you what is right
Kadam toh badha mere dost 

Kya pata jannat wahin ho

Kohre ke aage dekh toh zara

Kya pata chahat wahin ho

Koshish toh kar ek dafa

Kya pata manzil wahin ho……… 

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