A Question 

In search of answers……….  

I may not be too old to write this but I am not too young for thinking it at least.
Think it as a question….. 
Anything which doesn’t  have an explanation or any kind of logical reasoning is termed as God. Religions and castes are made for human convenience by human beings themselves. 
Which we do not understand is God, when we mould something for the purpose of understanding is religion and for further  destruction human sub categorized the religion into castes.
If God exists then why the good ones suffer, why the deserving still don’t have anything, why the one who worked hard still have moist eyes, why the incomplete stories and why the pain. It’s a loop. 

I don’t want to disrespect the belief, I too go to holy places but I don’t believe the man made God, religions and castes. I believe in what I see. Tell me why the one who always helps everyone end up helpless and broken? 
Whatever we see in movies is fictitious, so do not trust it. 



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